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29602-0208 Garlock Pneumatic Components

Garlock 29602-0208 29602-0208 BEARING ISOLATOR ; .984"IDX1.734"ODX.7"THK



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About the product: 29602-0208 BEARING ISOLATOR ; .984"IDX1.734"ODX.7"THK

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QT40.481 Part Image. Manufactured by Puls.



Verified stock: 14

PULS QT40.481 is a power supply unit designed for AC/DC conversion with a 50% power reserve. It supports DIN rail mounting and operates within an ambient air temperature range of -25 to +70°C. This unit features a design that includes a 50% power reserve and a DC-OK relay contact output. It offers a rated current of 20A at 48Vdc and 17.8A at 54Vdc, with a power derating applicable from 24W at +60°C to +70°C. The QT40.481 utilizes screw-clamp connections for its inputs and outputs and is designed to work with a supply voltage (AC) ranging from 323Vac to 576Vac across various nominal voltages, accommodating a wide range of 3-phase inputs. It belongs to the Q-series and is housed in an aluminium casing with dimensions of W110mm x H124mm x D127mm. This unit is compatible with 3-phase networks and has a net width of 110 mm. Its rated power is 960W at both 48Vdc and 54Vdc, with a short-term capacity of 1440W for up to 4 seconds. The output voltage is adjustable between 48Vdc and 54Vdc. Protection features include output overvoltage protection and active input inrush current limiting, with overload and short-circuit protection ensuring operational stability. The QT40.481 supports series or parallel operation for increased output power and is resistant to back-feeding loads up to 63V. It boasts high efficiency rates of 0.952 and 0.954 for 3x480Vac and 3x400Vac inputs, respectively. Peak inrush current consumption is capped at 6A for both 3x400Vac and 3x480Vac inputs. The unit exhibits a start-up delay of 500-600s and rise times of 23ms and 47ms under specified conditions, with a hold time of 25ms. Power dissipation losses are noted at 48.4W and 46.3W for full output loads at 3x480Vac and 3x400Vac inputs, respectively. Its electrical durability spans up to 324000 hours at 25°C and 10A output for a 3AC 400Vac input, with varying durability at different temperatures and outputs. The ripple is specified at 150mVpp across a 20Hz to 20MHz range, and the output stage capacitance is 3700 µF.


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