About Us

Empowering you to focus on what matters most - driving innovation

Our goal is to be a reliable partner in finding the right components at great prices. We simplify procurement, help locate hard-to-find automation parts, and prioritize exceptional customer service, making us stand out in the industry.
A decade ago, an engineer's frustration with tedious spreadsheets and CAD designs birthed an idea — a hack that would expedite work by 10x. This spark of transformation has since evolved into what Quotebeam is today. We're transforming the world of engineering and procurement by elevating the customer experience in industrial automation and manufacturing.
At Quotebeam, we understand the nuances of your challenges. Our platform not only offers a vast selection of parts but also provides intuitive, personalized recommendations tailored to your unique projects. While other platforms may leave you stuck in complex databases, we provide quick and effective solutions.
Just as engineers start with a blank CAD screen, we began with a dream to drive machine advancement. Today, when an engineer or procurement buyer is in need, they don’t reach for a spreadsheet; they turn to Quotebeam. With us, engineers can concentrate on what truly matters: creating, designing, and expanding the capabilities of what is possible.
As we push the engineering and procurement community ahead, our mission is firm — to support engineers worldwide, ensuring they dedicate less time to manual tasks and more to creative breakthroughs, paving the way in reshaping the future of automation.

Streamlining Processes, Amplifying Innovation...

...and of course, having good time together 🫶


Meet Our Leadership Team

Roman Pisz

Roman Piszcz

Founder & CEO

With 30 years in engineering, Roman's journey spans Festo to Apple, emphasizing design and data transparency. His principles birthed Quotebeam, addressing parts sourcing inefficiencies, and enhancing customer experience.

Andrew Khor

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Co-Founder & CEO

With a decade in software engineering, Andrew led initiatives at Box like Box Automations and platform refinements. At Venmo, he innovated with the 'Boosted Payments' app. Co-founding Quotebeam, he underscore tech innovation.

Nikki Gonzales

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Head of Partners

Nikki is an industry influencer with a sales engineering background at Keyence and Festo. As the co-host of a popular podcast and a 20k-strong LinkedIn following, she puts her personal brand to work for Quotebeam partners.

Anna Krakowska

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Head of Product

Anna, Head of Product, has 15 years in product design, emphasizing UX and boosting conversions. Her expertise is enriched by roles at Deloitte and Bosch, enhancing their product portfolios.

Leni Vasquez

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Head of Marketing

Leni, Quotebeam's Marketing Manager, showcases deep expertise in marketing strategy and user engagement. Her vision and strategic approach drive sales, refine user experience, and amplify customers’ success.