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When your team needs to kick off a project, design an automation machine, develop a new system, find parts, source suppliers, keep the project on track, and more. Quotebeam has you covered.

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Quotebeam is a place where teams of engineering, supply chain, suppliers, and parts manufacturers come together to collaborate on projects and get them out the door quickly. With the use of AI powered design tools, companies accelerate their design process and gain predictive manufacturing and supply chain insights.


Create projects and communication channels to bring your teams, design partners, and customers together to collaborate as one team


AI powered design tools on Quotebeam accelerate design process, reduce repetitive tasks, and enable engineers to focus on the core design of the projects

Supply Chain

Users can find parts, suppliers, see real-time stock information, and source entire projects from Quotebeam platform through its supplier network.

Predictive Analytics

By having all technical and sourcing information in one place, we're creating the foundation for users to make quick, smart, and informed decisions

What is Quotebeam?

QuoteBeam is a collaboration platform and marketplace for the equipment manufacturing industry. By providing transparency and real-time intelligence, we empower our users to make quick and informed decisions. Our AI driven design and collaboration tools enable companies to accelerate their product development, reduce cost, and provide a leading edge in a competitive market

Equipment OEM

Engineers and Supply Chain Professionals can leverage the power of connected intelligence with automated RFQ process, enhanced design and collaboration process. We connect your company with suppliers from BOM creation, quotation and procurement. Learn More


Expand your customer network. Providing real time information and faster response to gain new and straighten your relationship with existing customers. Grow your business right - be at the right place at the right time. Learn More

Parts Manufacturers

With millions of parts, allow yours to be seen by Design Engineers and easily found and sourced by Supply Chain Professionals. Enhance your brand and take advantage of the comprehensive search and collaboration platform. Learn More