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Inventory upload instructions

  1. Download the CSV found here: Inventory Upload CSV
  2. If you downloaded our provided csv, skip this step. To create your own CSV, make sure it has the following as row 1: QB ID, Part Number, Manufacturer ID, Manufacturer Name, InventoryInventory table headers
  3. Export your inventory into the csv file you created earlier. Below are the explanations of each column:
    • QB ID (Optional) - The ID # that Quotebeam assigns to the part in question. If left empty, Quotebeam will attempt to generate this ID number using the information you have provided in the other columns. If this value is provided, then all other fields except "Inventory" will be ignored. Make sure that ID exists, otherwise it will be removed from your input.
    • Part Number(Required) - The part number provided by you for the part you are trying to upload. Quotebeam uses this field in conjunction with the "Manufacturer ID" to generate the "QB ID" if possible.
    • Manufacturer ID (Optional) - The ID # that Quotebeam assigns to the manufacturer of the part. If left empty, Quotebeam will use "Manufacturer Name" and "Part Number" to generate this field.
    • Manufacturer Name (Required) - If "Manufacturer ID" is provided, then this field can be left empty. This field is used by Quotebeam to fill the "Manufacturer ID" column.
    • Inventory (Required) - The count of the parts in stock.
  4. A fully filled row looks like:Inventory table row content example
  5. Upload your csv by clicking the "Upload New Version" button on this inventory page