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We are Advanced Control Systems

Advanced Control Systems has been serving the Automation and Controls industries since 1992. Our SCADA and factory automation installations number in the hundreds, spanning North America and the world. In addition to providing world-class systems integration, controls design, and engineering services, our Hosted Services division develops and deploys cloud-hosted CarefreeSCADA and WaterMaster Irrigation Water Management software solutions.

Our R.E.A.L. Values

  • Reject Passivism - The heart of the matter is the heart of the matter… we succeed when we do what needs to be done. Our world is spinning in a vortex of ‘don’t rock the boat, at any cost.’ ACS will not fall in line and be swallowed by the sea of mediocrity. ACS stands for quality, innovation, and for what is right.

  • Expect a Greater Reward - We do what we do to serve the greater good, a higher value. Ultimately we answer for our contribution. Not just a paycheck, or a bonus, or a windfall, but that our lives count.

  • Accept Responsibility - Someone once said all that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Our small corner of industry is not so lofty as good versus evil but every decision and every action we step forward with is ours. We succeed because it is up to us.

  • Lead Courageously - Abraham Lincoln said, the best way to predict the future is to create it. Industry moves at breakneck speed when there is a leader and crawls like a snail while we wait for the next innovation or spark of creation. ACS leads in SERVICE by going the extra mile and accepting responsibility for more than our share. ACS leads in INNOVATION by taking a risk to invest in ideas that may better the lives of our customers and team members. And ACS leads in TECHNOLOGY by continually investing in training, research, and hardware to keep us on the cutting edge of our industry.